What to do! The polar glaciers are rapidly melting, and it seems that the polar bear’s fate is uncertain!

Climate change is adversely affecting many life forms on earth, leaving them homeless, and as we witness hungry and skinny polar bears we cannot but feel sad for them.Mankind’s advanced state of civilization has brought with it many conveniences to our lifestyles, but has also resulted in the concomitant sacrifice of much of the living environment and ecological systems: air pollution from coal-powered electricity generation and the biological destruction caused by excessive plastics use.

In the painting, the hidden glacial layers are unseen, like man’s unconcerned and uncaring attitudes towards pollution, as we forever seek more convenience and comfort, while forgetting stewardship as we exhaust earth’s resources without abandon, sounding the alarm for the fate of the polar bear, and urgently reminding all mankind to better treasure our planet, reduce our use of resources, and no longer harm the earth.


HUANG,YI-TING | Tainan City Yanshuei Elementary School