The theme of my creative inspiration arose from a news story describing how the south pole’s Emperor penguins are experiencing much reduced reproduction levels. The penguin is dependent on stable sea ice as part of its reproductive cycle, so global warming causing changes in its living environment pose serious threats to the survival of the penguin.

I used an anthropomorphic approach to present the collapsing home of the penguin, and their efforts to rebuild it. I also the background setting of the collapsing glaciers to sound the alarm for the worsening harms posed by our greenhouse effects.

I am to prevent further exacerbation of greenhouse effects, by reminding everyone of the need to engage in large scale planting and reforestation to clean the air, develop green energy resources, and use mass transportation more frequently, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Since we only have one planet Earth, we must all do our part to protect our beautiful home.


JHUO,SHU-YI | Taichung City Wu Chuan Junior High School