As climate change continues unabated, resulting from the ever increasing threat people pose to the environment, the ecological system that maintains life on earth is under constant forces of massive change.

The emission of carbon dioxide causes global warming, while rising sea temperatures cause coral bleaching, the melting of polar ice and glaciers, and pollution, leading to harmful substances entering the food chain and affecting human health, all of which are damages caused by mankind that we cannot even imagine. While creating this painting, I realized we have caused many threats to the planet, and even tiny actions can contribute to a major chain reaction, so this painting expresses how in recent years we have led to major impacts to the earth, with factory emission of waste gases directly harming the human living environment, causing acid rain, and adversely effecting soil and water resources, as forms of secondary pollution. Global warming causes the ice layers to melt and sea levels to rise. Warming seas cause coral bleaching, and with the death of corals, coastlines suffer devastating invasions. Trash affects the growth of biological life, while hormones also damage habitats, but reducing or refusing to use plastic bags and straws which are major intermediary killers of the environment, can help protect more forms of life!


SONG,ZIH-SIAN | Taoyuan City Shih Men Junior High School