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Competition Entry Steps

Register in a few simple steps

Fill out the form

Fill out the form online. For group registration, please fill in the group registration form separately and send it to us by email.

Print the registration information form

After your registration is completed, you will receive an email with the registration information form. Print out the form then cut and paste it on the bottom left corner of your painting.


Do you want to draw something? Express your interest in oceans and climate change through painting!

Examine your work and then send it in

After finishing your work, double-check you have placed the sticker on the back of the painting in the bottom left-hand corner and have filled out the registration information form. Then send us your work!

Competition Guidelines

Please read the following competition rules to avoid impacting your competition eligibility

Grading Standards

Please refer to the table below to enhance your chances of winning.

Grading AreasGrading WeightExplanation
Main Content50%Composition must include topics such as climate change, global warming, energy conservation and carbon reduction, sustainable energy, and environmental protection
Creativity and Originality40%The idea of the work is imaginative and creative, and the artist is skilled in expressing his own views on the theme through the painting. The painting must be an original work of the artist, without plagiarism or similarity to other works.
Painting Quality10%The overall aesthetics of strokes, lines, and colors.


Experts in the fields of environment and art will be invited to make the final selection, and the winning list will be announced on the Sustainable Institute’s website in mid-May.

Response to Climate Action

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Register Now

Please select the registration method according to your needs.

Individual Registration

Fill out the online registration form

For less than 10 participants, this method is recommended for registration.

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Group Registration

Fill in the group registration form

If more than 10 participants, it is recommended to fill in the group registration form (excel), and email the completed form to painting@taise.org.tw


Overseas Group

Fill in the overseas registration form

If your school is not located in Taiwan (including the outlying islands), please register through this registration form.

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