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Competition Entry Steps

Register in a few simple steps


Do you want to draw something? Express your interest in oceans and climate change through painting!

Scan and take photos

Please scan the artworks and convert them into PDF or high-resolution JPG.

Then take photos with your artworks, don’t forget to Smile and Say Cheese 🙂

Fill out the form

Fill out the form online and upload your artworks and photos.

Competition Guidelines

Please read the following competition rules to avoid impacting your competition eligibility

Standard for Evaluation

Please refer to the table below to increase your chances of winning.

Content Delivery50%How well the submission addresses the annual theme of the competition, of which must include topics such as climate change, marine environment, global warming, energy saving and carbon reduction, sustainable energy, and environmental protection.
Creativity and Originality40%Demonstration of artistic voice, originality, and imagination. How well the submission depicts the theme. All paintings and drawings must be original artwork of the participant without plagiarism or resemblance to other works.
Craftsmanship10%The aesthetic quality, technique, and skill in the chosen medium, including strokes, lines, and colors presented in submissions.

Competition Awards

Experts in the fields of environment and art will be invited to make the final selection, and the winning list will be announced on the Sustainable Institute’s website in mid-May.

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