2021 11th Climate Change Painting Competition

Internatinal Competition Registration Consent Form

Welcome to sign up for the Climate Change Painting Competition!

In order to comply with the implementation of the Personal Information Protection Act, please read the following instructions carefully. Related instructions for this painting competition

  • This painting competition will receive the participant and instructors from the registration system and the submitted works (including name, school, grade, contact information, etc.).

  • This time, we collect the individual investors as the organizer – Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (Organizer).

  • The purpose of this collection of Personal Information Protection is to hold the “Climate Change Painting Competition”. The purpose is to confirm the identity of the contestant, present the author of the work, contact the competition and related matters of the award, etc., and may not be used for other purposes.

  • This painting competition will allow you to “handle” the participants and the instructors. (“Processing” means the collection of the collected assets and the processing of the files, including data recording, input, storage, editing, correction, copying, retrieval, deletion, output, linking or internal transmission.)

  • The time for the use of this painting competition is from 1st March to 31st December 2021. Only for the albums published in this activity, time is not limited.

  • Participants and instructors may request inquiries, reading, making copies, supplementing or correcting the information in their personal data files, and requesting the organizer to stop collecting, processing or utilizing, or deleting personal data files.

  • If the entrant is assisted by the instructor to register, please let the teacher know the student and his legal representative. (According to Article 9 of the Personal Information Protection Act, indirect access to personal data by a third party must be communicated to the parties and indicate the source of personal information.)

  • If the participate and the instructor ask the organizer to delete their personal data file, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the qualification (because you cannot use your personal capital in the event, please forgive me).

  • For the participates and the instructors, only the organizer collects and handles the handling of this activity, no other use, please rest assured, if you have any questions, please call us at +886 2-2768-2655.

  • If you want to register for the painting competition, please click “Agree”, otherwise you will not be able to accept your registration, thank you for your cooperation!

If you agree and are willing to abide by the contents of this consent, press the “agree” button, it will be deemed as willing to abide by the contents of this consent.