Recently, the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (hereinafter referred to as “TAISE”) received a letter from the public reporting an award-winning artwork of plagiarizing from a third party’s work. Double submission and plagiarism are a violation of several rules. Regarding the violation of copyright, TAISE expressed their distress and concern and publicly condemned such action with the following detailed description:

1.In the 2021 Climate Change Painting Competition, the Platinum Award winner in the Group for International Game for Junior High was a plagiarism of the Polish painter Janusz Orzechowski’s work. TAISE has reached out to the Polish painter to verify the incident and it was proven to be a theft of his work. The relevant evidence was submitted to the jury and the Chief Judge, Mr. Anderson Yang, who made the final decision of revoking the award and the prize for such a work. Additionally, the theft of a third-party’s paintwork may have violated the “right of reproduction” stipulated in the first paragraph of Article 22 of the Copyright Act. The original artist is entitled to the prosecution of relevant legal issues.

2.In the 2021 Climate Change Painting Competition, the Bronze Award and Best-Award winners were reported to have participated in the competition held by Izopark, a children’s art gallery based in Russia. Such a report was proven to be true after investigation. Therefore, after the jury’s discussion in concern of these two works, the Chief Judge, Mr. Anderson Yang, made the final decision of revoking the awards and the prizes to such works due to their violation of Point 6 in the Work Specification, Qualification for Competition: Your work is NOT a winning award that has participated in any other exhibition or competition.

3.After the jury’s discussion, the Chief Judge, Mr. Anderson Yang, made the final decision of not filling the positions of the works that have been revoked. Moreover, advice shall be given by TAISE to the instructors of the aforementioned three works in violation; the instructors of these three works are banned from TAISE’s painting competition for three years. It is hoped that all instructors who assist the students in participating in the competition must be attentive to any violations and comply with the rules of competitions to allow the students to use their original ideas to create works to meet TAISE’s initial intention and expectation.