Project Description

Mother Nature’s Tears on Marine Pollution



Marine pollution is becoming a major problem affecting the world especially when the ocean covers 71% of the entire world. Within the Ocean, 100, 000 marine creatures are killed by plastic each year. The majority of these creatures are turtles that mistake plastic bags as food.

This is why I chose the turtle tangled in a fishing net as one of my main focuses. I recognized how large this problem is and tried to picture the problem and cram most of its details into one painting. The painting itself shows an eye crying with plastic in its tears. In this situation, the eye acts as mother nature’s eyes crying. Above the eye is the area above the water where everything seems like “paradise”. The truth is only uncovered when you look under the water where trash outnumbers fish by trillions. Through this painting, I hope to raise awareness on how bad marine pollution is becoming and hope the world can come together to make things better.

臺北市台北美國學校 Leu, Audrey You-Hua