Project Description

最後一滴小水滴 / The last drop of water




在我們享受科技與現代化生活的時候, 有想過這樣美好的生活時犧牲了多少生命以及物種的生存權利嗎?“最後一滴小水滴”想要表達的是, 當人類霸佔了大部分地球資源時, 要回想一下我們留給其他同樣生活在地球的其他物種, 多少的生存空間。 As we enjoy technology and modernization, have we ever wondered how many species the right of good life are sacrificed? “The last drop of water” is to express, when humans occupy most of the Earth’s resources, we have to reflect on, how much space we have left for other species that also live on Earth.

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