Project Description

塑源 ● 溯源



地球就像是一個巨大的水容器,不管容器有多麼巨大,裡面的水一定會有被用完的一天。 水不斷從水龍頭流出,我們每天的用水量非常多,而許多都是不必要的,乾淨的水源也因此被耗盡殆盡。加上排放廢棄物眾多,造成嚴重水污染,使人們能夠使用的水資源越來越少,塑膠微粒就是污染源之一。 當水循環在永無止境地反覆發生時,塑膠微粒便隨著水流,散布在海洋、河流和雨水中。 The earth is like a giant container of water, at some point, the water inside would be used up, no matter how big it is. The faucet is spilling water from the container, we’re using a lot of water every day, even more than necessary, which causes clean water sources to diminish. Last but not least, the amount of waste causes severe water pollution, making there to be lesser water sources that we can use, one of the pollutants is the micro plastic. As the water cycle happens over and over in a never-ending loop, the micro plastic flows within the water, spreading through out the oceans, the rivers and the rain.

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