Project Description

Save Blue to Stay Green



This drawing is inspired by an incident that happened recently when I visited the favorite place in my hometown. I spent most of my childhood in that place, it was surrounded by a lot of green trees, birds chirping noise, and constant stream throughout the year. Now it looked entirely different. The place turned to vast land which is drought and dry. There is no evidence of water throughout the place. This situation arises because of effluent mixed with water resources, less awareness about water conservation. It made me realize how water is essential for the environment. In this picture, I have described two possible scenarios which could happen in the future. The one on right depicts the scenario if we keep on contaminating the water by disposal of industrial effluent, pouring oil drown the drains, and poor management of water resources, it will turn to a drought dry land with cracked earth and skeleton of birds and animals. Another side outlines the clean green environment with freshwater bodies which favors all living things. Hands in both the side symbolize that the possibility of future Earth lies in our hands. So, we should take action as countries and continents to introduce protocols against water pollution. “Not too late to save the water’s fate”.

India Sree Narayana Mission Senior Secondry School Iniyavan SenthilKumar
指導老師:SenthilKumar Govindaraju