Project Description

Miraculous mangroves



First, I used pens to draw the outline of the marine animals, mangroves, and the shadow. After it, I used markers and coloured pencils to give the overall colour of the mangroves. Finally, I used the acrylic paint to demonstrate the bright sunlight and sparkling pens to highlight \\\’miracle\\\’ and give a huge contrast. Mangroves are small trees that grow in tropical and subtropical coasts, but not like any other kind of tree. They stabilise the coastline ecosystem, prevent erosion and also protect nearby areas. As mangroves are a ‘miracle’ for the biome, I wanted to develop the word ‘miracle’ from the roots of the mangroves. To illustrate this in my drawing, shadows were meant to make the trees mythical and noteworthy for the environment. The fact that these mangroves are extraordinary were shown by the biotic factors such as fish, crane, and jellyfish in the drawing, and that the mangroves could refresh the surroundings using their special advantages. By giving a vast contrast between the shadows and the sunlight, I think my artwork linked to the theme that ‘Mangroves Matter’ and they are a source like a ‘miracle’ to the ecosystem.

Korea Badminton School Seone Ahn
指導老師:Dongsuk Kim