Project Description

Mirroring a Waterdrop 鏡像水滴



I drew this picture because I wished to mirror the journey of a water droplet. I aspired to represent the flow of water from up in the mountains all the way to a human’s uncaring hand but how important it is to our daily lives. I hoped to reflect a painting of a waterdrop’s path through human pollution and its descent into the ocean. We litter the oceans with junk yet water is necessary for us to live; we’re biting the hand that feed’s us. I wanted to show the significance of water in our ecosystem from floods to droughts to the slow growth of a tiny plant. Although showcasing and teaching about the water cycle itself is important, I believe that I should paint the journey of the visible harm that we bring to our ocean so it may be able to help bring change to our water droplet’s journey.

United States of America Wei Hwa Chinese School 王君儀